Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michael Yonkers & The Blind Shake - "Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons"

Nero's Neptune #2

A chance nightclub pairing of the incomparable Michael Yonkers with Minneapolis noise rockers the Blind Shake went so exceptionally well that a studio session ensued. The result is this, one of two vinyl documents that represent by far the most exciting new work that Yonkers has recorded since his international emergence. The Blind Shake rock with a sound not unlike latter-day Hammerhead (which might be a better thing than you think), with Yonkers splattering maniacal guitar shards and impassioned vocals over the top. Add the best collection of songs (with great, skewered god-damn HOOKS even!) Yonks has come up with since at least the early '70s and you have a serious contender for rock record of the year. The beautiful, hand-numbered silk-screened sleeves were designed by Zak Sally (ex-Low) and printed by Minneapolis-based screening gods, Aesthetic Apparatus. Limited edition of 400. SOLD OUT.

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