Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michael Yonkers - "Circling the Drain"

Nero's Neptune #3

The second of two startling Yonkers releases is an eight-song LP of solo, modified guitar improvisations. These recordings were picked from a number of tapes representing the entire works recorded by Yonkers that utilized a severely altered Steinberger knockoff guitar (that has since been retired). The music was recorded on a high-speed four-channel cassette machine, further manipulated during mastering. This is the 'noise' record that lucky regional Yonkers aficionados have been hoping for since witnessing his infrequent, brain-scrambling, all-instrumental performances -- and then some! Vinyl-only edition of 303 numbered copies in a gorgeous, four-color hand-screened jacket by Minneapolis artist and printer Dan Black complete the scrumptious package. SOLD OUT.

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