Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vampire Hands - "2 E.P.'s"

Nero's Neptune #4

Vinyl pressing compiling Vampire Hands' first two self-released CDRs: At Wizard Island Too Punk To Fuck and Cuz It's A Beach Funeral. Originally released to coincide with Vampire Hands' Spring 2009 23-date tour with Wavves. Minneapolis' Vampire Hands are a rather difficult-to-pigeonhole lot, one with so many disparately abundant ideas bubbling out of their collective skulls that they barely keep pace with them. Citing influences as diverse as Exuma, Can, Neil Young and Simply Saucer, Vampire Hands' sound might (lazily) be described as Marc Bolan meets Mayo Thompson in Neil Haggerty's cannabistro. Fuzzy, distorted guitars meet tribal, pulsating rhythms. An eerily affecting falsetto melds with a lower, drier voice to create delightfully off-kilter harmonies. Die-cut, silkscreened jackets designed and printed by Burlesque of North America. 350 copies, $20 postpaid in U.S.

Track Listing:
A1. Queen Juno
A2. Greasy Hair
A3. Invisible Boy
A4. Wolf Skin Pose
B1. Statuette
B2. Paradise Knife Fights
B3. (telephone)
B4. We Widows
B5. Christ, Scientist
B6. Desert Dreams

- Vampire Hands have also released on labels such as Modern Radio, Freedom From, and Peppcoff.
- "The chatter and hum of bloggers across the country singing your praises may be a mixed blessing, but Vampire Hands had better get used to it." --Reveille Magazine

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